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    I am just a regular gal taking a stab at sewing and thought I'd share them on a blog rather than having a photo album on facebook, flickr or just leaving the finished products unseen.

    A few words to describe me would be: type 1 diabetic (21 years), creative, crafter, newbie hiker, cat whisperer, reader of physical books not online books, music lover, wife, mama-to-be (2/1/15).

diy seashell collection bags (part 2) :: sewing for kids

I finally finished the seashell collection bags for my niece and nephew on the island! I haven’t had a chance to give them to them but I’m hoping to soon, as we’re already in rainy season and I’m not sure how often they will go to the beach now!

I made my niece’s a little bit bigger than her brothers, because he’s smaller and I thought it would be easier for him to carry:)I also only used one handle instead of two handles like I had with the other ones.


diy washcloth :: sewing for baby

Just this past weekend I finally caved and got myself a interchangeable dual feed foot (aka walking foot) which I am SO happy I did; now I can continue sewing for baby! If I had this foot a few weeks ago when I made two baby blankets, I wouldn’t have had such a frustrating time but now that I have it I can make the last two baby blankets and other items. It was more than I really wanted to spend but it’s already paid itself off and I wish I hadn’t waited nearly a year to make this purchase.

walking foot

So while browsing Pinterest I came across a great project that would also help me get rid of some fabric! “How to Make a Baby Wash Cloth” on Breida with a B. It’s a really easy project and only took a handful of hours, spread over about a week.

Breida uses minky fabric but I opted to use towels. I went to Ikea and picked up four towels for $3/each which is cheaper than if I had bought the same terry fabric and amount from Fabricland (at least at the prices I had scouted out a few weeks ago)! I ended up only needing about 3/4th of one towel to make 15 washcloths and have enough left over to make 3 slightly smaller ones if I wanted to.


Unlike in Breida’s instructions, I cut out a pattern that was 8×8 and used that to cut my fabric vs tracing into the fabric and using it as a guideline. The actual washcloths are about 7.5×7.5 finished but that’s not a big deal obviously. Other than that I followed her instructions and finished the washcloths.


For this project I tapped into my stash of fat quarters which I have been trying to use up, with little success other than the seashell bags. I would have 16 washcloths instead of 15, which I would have preferred, but it turned out I had used part of a fat quarter so there was only enough for three cloths and not four like the rest.


I think they turned out pretty perfect! I haven’t found any good washcloths for baby in store so I’m excited to use these ones. As a bonus, I still have three Ikea towels to use for my next baby project…burp cloths!

Lil Mrs Tori

*Some how I managed to turn comments off for this post =/ Whoops!

Yaletown Dress (maternity hack) :: Sewaholic

So September was the Sewaholic Yaletown Dress sew-along and I decided to take part because the Yaletown dress would be PERFECT for maternity! All I needed to do was make it slightly larger and lift the waist up to be empire. Easy!

I picked up some lovely rayon fabric from Spool of Thread and got started with my PDF pattern, thinking I was a total genius and this would be awesome.


…Well it didn’t work out so well:(


There’s nothing seriously wrong with the dress, I just made a few amateur mistakes along the way.

  • I went with a size 14 for the top but that ended up being much too large in the bust; that was a measurement mistake right there I probably should’ve gone with the size 12.
  • I graded from a size 14 to 16 for the skirt; the size 16 ended up being too much fabric in the back and too much drape in the front. I probably could have gone with a size 12 as well and just made it long so it wouldn’t be too short as my belly grew.

I saved the skirt portion to make something else later but overall the dress had to be scrapped. It would be too hard to fix the many mistakes I made but I still have the PDF pattern cut and taped so I can always try again with a size 12 if I can find some cheap fabric to practice on.

I’m disappointed the dress didn’t work out but I’m happy I gave it a shot because it’s made me realize I’m not really a clothing-sewing person. I think I’m better with other sewing items and now that I have a walking foot for my sewing machine, I can tackle more of those projects instead; I’ve already started making wash cloths and burp cloths for baby which will be on the blog next.

I do recommend Sewaholic‘s patterns though, she has some awesome outfits and is a local designer from Vancouver! I think even though I am going to probably stop trying to sew clothing, I’ll still try her cute skirts!

baby blankets :: sewing for baby

I finally got access to my sewing machine and all my stuff so I started working on my baby to-do list!

First up were two blankets, one with minky and one with fleece. I made the minky one around 29″ square and the fleece one is just under 36″ square.

They look okay in the photos, but what you can’t see is my horrible need for a walking foot especially when using fleece! I didn’t quilt these, but I did sew between the bumps on the minky in each corner..if I had a walking foot I might have added some details to the fleece one.


I got the teddy bear fabric at Value Village and scored the cute baby animals during a sale at Fabricland before we knew the gender of the baby (it’s a BOY!). I’m still going to keep everything gender neutral though so if we have a girl next time it’s not an issue haha.


I don’t know how but they both ended up being a bit over-sized on the tops, I couldn’t get them flat..especially the fleece because it was so thick it was hard to move it through with a regular foot. I’m so glad I didn’t try to put batting in the minky blanket, but I may try using the hem seal on the next minky blanket I make to see if that helps. Thankfully baby won’t notice heh.

Since the fleece is so big, it’ll be good for tummy time until the baby is old enough to sleep with it and the minky one is just the right size for swaddling when the baby isn’t a newborn. Both will be nice and warm during the night.:)

Next up is to make some wash cloths, a snuggler and maybe the third minky blanket (but swaddle size).


sewing for baby :: diy washcloth » So Sew Natalie - October 23, 2014 - 7:45 pm

[…] happy I did; not I can continue sewing for baby! If I had this foot a few weeks ago when I made two baby blankets, I wouldn’t have had such a frustrating time but now that I have it I can make the last two […]

baby to-do list :: sewing for baby

So now that we are having a baby, soon it will be time to make some things for said baby! I might as well sew while I have the time and (some) energy right? haha I have until February so let the countdown begin!


Along with The Snuggler, I plan to make a few other items from the “Simple Sewing For Baby” pattern book I have but below is a list of some other tutorials I’ve found that I can’t wait to make!

  1. Pacifier Clip
  2. 15 Min Diaper Clutch
  3. Gauzey Swaddle Blankets
  4. Baby Sleep Sack
  5. Minky Baby Blanket
  6. Car Seat Canopy
  7. Just Hatched Baby Leggings


And I am sure I’ll find more;)

sewing for baby :: baby blankets » So Sew Natalie - October 23, 2014 - 7:28 pm

[…] I finally got access to my sewing machine and all my stuff so I started working on my baby to-do list! […]