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    I am just a regular gal taking a stab at sewing and thought I'd share them on a blog rather than having a photo album on facebook, flickr or just leaving the finished products unseen.

    A few words to describe me would be: type 1 diabetic (20+ years), creative, crafter, newbie hiker, cat whisperer, reader of physical books not online books, music lover, wife.

obscenely offensive pj bottoms

After getting through the tank dresses I decided to try sewing a pair of bottoms again; this time I chose a pair of basic PJ bottoms from my “Weekend Sewing” book.

While it’s a cut-out pattern it was way easier than the pair of pants I had made as a youth. I didn’t realize they would fall apart though if I didn’t have pinking shears or used a zigzag stitch though so I can no longer wear them but now I know for next time. I can’t wait to get some comfy fabric to make these again..although I have a drawer full of PJ bottoms you can never have too many.;)


The fabric I had on hand was awesome! Kyle called them “obscenely offensive” because they were so colourful haha.

I would definitely recommend trying this pattern out if you’re attempting to sew clothing.:)


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tank top dress

I’ve only sewn a piece of clothing once; mom put me in a sewing summer camp in grade 7 or something and I made a pair of pants. It was a disaster, the pattern and instructions might as well have been in another language because they were for me!

I never thought I’d venture back into sewing a piece of clothing but I found a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to take a tank top, some fabric and make a dress. It was easy enough although it was my first time using elastic thread and I found out why so many people hate it!

IMG_6368I made two dresses and although I’ve only worn one so far, I’m happy with how they turned out. They are a little uneven at the waist (I opted for empire) because I didn’t account for the fact the front would be higher than the back but with a cardigan on you can’t tell.

I skipped the optional belt cover and just use a belt I already have which works as an alternative to the cardigan for covering the uneven waist.;)


I used a LOT less material than was called for in the tutorial, only because otherwise the skirts made me feel fat because there was too much material. I ended up wrapping it around a little more than once, maybe like 1.25 times though the tutorial said 1.5 times.


Pretty right?:)If you want to try it yourself, here is the tutorial I followed:

*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.

cell phone cases

I’ve made two cell phone cases so far; the tutorials were easy enough so they were good practice to get back into sewing. The red polka dot one was for an iPhone 4S and the green one was for an iPhone 5.

I can’t find the exactly tutorial but you can pretty much go on pinterest and find it one in 3 minutes.:)



*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.

DIY insulin cases :: sewing for diabetics

I’ve made myself two insulin cases since I got my sewing machine; neither of them turned out perfectly but at least I tried!

The first was completely free-hand; I had no pattern to work off of and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Looking back at it I should have used some stiff interfacing and a stiffer fabric, plus made it a bit smaller.


The next was based off of a pattern I purchased called the “zip organizer” in the Zakka Style sewing book. I found a PDF to buy rather than trying to find the book locally; there are no patterns to print out so there was no real reason to get a hardcopy.


I was happy to have a pattern to work off of but I made some changes to make it work for me, without the experience or knowledge to make them, and it didn’t work out perfectly.

*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.

Well the adventure begins…

So yeah, hello world and welcome to Oh Sew Natalie! I’m looking forward to documentating my sewing adventures more indepth than I can in my facebook album and connect with fellow sewers - newbies like and advanced sewers.

I thought first I’d share some projects I’ve already completed since 2012 when I bought my Viking Opal 650 that I didn’t feel needed their own post.

My first project was a wallet using a pattern I bought off Etsy. It didn’t end up being as nice as I hoped and was extremely bulky but it tied me over for a little while and got me used to my machine.


For Christmas 2012 I handmade almost all of the gifts we gave away to family; it was a bit of a tough year and I had plenty of fabric from a liquidation sale. 


Using some pillows I got for $1/$2 at Ikea and some left over fabric I made us some cute couch pillows. I’m planning to make some more so there are two large pillows for each couch; right now we just have two small pillows on one couch and two large on the other.



I have a few more projects to share from 2012 but I am going to give them their own posts because I want to share the pattern locations and some more I need to find the photos.;)