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    I am just a regular gal taking a stab at sewing and thought I'd share them on a blog rather than having a photo album on facebook, flickr or just leaving the finished products unseen.

    A few words to describe me would be: type 1 diabetic (20+ years), creative, crafter, newbie hiker, cat whisperer, reader of physical books not online books, music lover, wife.

the wedding guest :: pleated skirt

This past summer my childhood friend got married over the Canada Day long weekend. After a failed search for a dress that was cotton and nice enough for a wedding I thought “hey, I’ve got a sewing machine I’ll just make a dress!”. So off I went with my hubby to find some fabric, which I did. The dress on the other hand..yeah that never happened.

I went without a pattern in mind which was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking I could make a full dress using a Buda Style pattern which has little to no instructions.

My follow-up idea was a skirt, but oh no I couldn’t make it using the material I already yup, back to the store I went. I found some nice fabric and got to work making a skirt. Easy right? Nope.

I thought I could just wing it, which I did for the most part but in the end I followed Crafty Cupboard’s pleated skirt tutorial which is the only thing that really saved this brilliant idea of mine.

It turned out pretty well I think though.



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the snuggler :: sewing for baby

This one is my ALL time favourite project to date. I cannot wait until Kyle and I start a family so I can make awesome baby projects like this one; I will have a million of these by the time our first baby comes. Okay..not a million exactly but pretty close. haha.

This pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing for Baby” and while I was able to find the pattern online for free I ended up buying the book. A downside to online printable patterns is that you have to tape the pieces of paper together to make the pattern and for this project I found it to be too confusing, though there are only a couple pattern pieces. I am happy I got the book as there are a number of cute projects I will definitely use in the future!

I made this for our friends who were having their first baby. At the time we didn’t know the gender but the mom loves horses so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect for their son or daughter (they have a beautiful baby boy). The inside of the snuggler is milky, which is the most amazing fabric in the world; so soft AND washable!


Overall it was a pretty easy project to complete. A few seams, some velcro and you’re done; I top-stitched the top layer which wasn’t what you were supposed to do but I prefer how it turned out that way.

*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.

the infinity dress

I love the infinity dresses! In fact, if/when K and I ever tie the knot I already have one picked out by a Van. Island shop that has lace and a beautiful green fabric.

I decided though to try making one myself; they look easy enough after all. Thanks to having already made the tank dresses and pj bottoms, I wasn’t as nervous about this project. It was a fairly easy pattern but it took a while to actually figure out how to get started. I used this tutorial to make the dress and also did a bit of googling throughout.

IMG_6946In total I made three of these dresses; two for a photo shoot for my necklaces and one for my niece C which she chose to have a high-low cut at the bottom and is super cute on her! The purple dress was supposed to be mine to wear to a friend’s wedding last summer but it ended up being too short for me so I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it..lucky for the model who ended up with a green and purple version! haha.

For all three dresses I used a sketch jersey which was challenging in itself to work with but I was able to tackle it so I’m pretty proud.


The above photo is from my lookbook shoot; I was the photographer, the sewer and the designer of the flower crown.




*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.


March 7, 2014 - 5:47 pm

Kristina Ackerman - These turned out so pretty! I love the lookbook shot.

April 18, 2014 - 3:00 pm

DIY maxi skirts :: weekend sewing projects » So Sew Natalie - […] with red/white circles though so I could make another skirt and the green fabric was left over from the infinity dress I […]

obscenely offensive pj bottoms

After getting through the tank dresses I decided to try sewing a pair of bottoms again; this time I chose a pair of basic PJ bottoms from my “Weekend Sewing” book.

While it’s a cut-out pattern it was way easier than the pair of pants I had made as a youth. I didn’t realize they would fall apart though if I didn’t have pinking shears or used a zigzag stitch though so I can no longer wear them but now I know for next time. I can’t wait to get some comfy fabric to make these again..although I have a drawer full of PJ bottoms you can never have too many.;)


The fabric I had on hand was awesome! Kyle called them “obscenely offensive” because they were so colourful haha.

I would definitely recommend trying this pattern out if you’re attempting to sew clothing.:)


*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.


tank top dress

I’ve only sewn a piece of clothing once; mom put me in a sewing summer camp in grade 7 or something and I made a pair of pants. It was a disaster, the pattern and instructions might as well have been in another language because they were for me!

I never thought I’d venture back into sewing a piece of clothing but I found a pretty straight forward tutorial on how to take a tank top, some fabric and make a dress. It was easy enough although it was my first time using elastic thread and I found out why so many people hate it!

IMG_6368I made two dresses and although I’ve only worn one so far, I’m happy with how they turned out. They are a little uneven at the waist (I opted for empire) because I didn’t account for the fact the front would be higher than the back but with a cardigan on you can’t tell.

I skipped the optional belt cover and just use a belt I already have which works as an alternative to the cardigan for covering the uneven waist.;)


I used a LOT less material than was called for in the tutorial, only because otherwise the skirts made me feel fat because there was too much material. I ended up wrapping it around a little more than once, maybe like 1.25 times though the tutorial said 1.5 times.


Pretty right?:)If you want to try it yourself, here is the tutorial I followed:

*All photos are copyright Natalie Woods unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved, no use without prior written permission.